Intelephense Premium - Is it worth

October 4, 2019

by Yunus Shaikh

Intelephense premium plugin is worth buying. I would be honest with you. It increased my productivity.

Intelephense is one of the best PHP plugin available for Visual studio code. I have listed best VScode plugin for php development.

Here are the features of the Paid version of Intelephense plugin
  • Rename - You can Easily rename a symbol within a document or across the entire workspace.
  • Find all implementations - Quickly find all implementations of an interface or abstract symbol.
  • Code folding - Fold definitions, blocks, use declarations, heredoc strings, comments and custom regions.
  • Go to declaration - Quickly navigate to interface and abstract method declarations.
  • Go to type definition - Quickly navigate to variable type definitions.

Here are the features of a free version of Intelephense plugin
  • Code completion - Fast, context aware auto-complete suggestions (IntelliSense).
  • Diagnostics - Detect problems in your code as you type.
  • Find all references - Quickly find symbol references within the workspace.
  • Formatting - PSR-12 compatible document and range formatting.
  • Go to definition - Quickly navigate to symbol definitions.
  • Highlight - Intelligent highlighting of symbols within documents.
  • Hover - View detailed symbol information with links to official PHP documentation.
  • Signature help - View detailed parameter hints for call expressions.
  • Symbol search - Find symbols quickly within a document or workspace.
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