Prevent updating Eloquent Model

September 21, 2019

by Yunus Shaikh

Prevent certain CRUD operations from being performed on an Eloquent model

wanted To prevent updating the eloquent model ? Below snippet will prevent updating the eloquent model.

    class User extends Eloquent
  protected static function boot()
      return false;
This code will prevent updating user.

Eloquent's event system allows you to cancel a write operation by

  • Listening for the creating, updating, saving, or deleting events
  • Returning false from your event callback.

For example, to prevent people from creating new model objects, something like this

            return false; //no one gets to create anything

Here's the list of all Eloquent events: booting, booted, creating, created, saving, saved, updating, updated, deleting, deleted and also restoring and restored provided by SoftDeletingTrait.

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